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Tenant Resources

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If you're a tenant in Orange County, Los Angeles County or Riverside County you can benefit from the following resources:

***FRAUD ALERT*** To prospective tenants. Someone copied our company logo from our website and is using our good company name to steal from people. We only have one office in La Mirada and will never ask you to use Western Union or Reloadit, or any other type of, pre paid cards to pay for the application process or to pay rent or security deposits. Please do not fall for this scam! ***FRAUD ALERT***

California Landlord/Tenant book You can download a .pdf copy of the California Landlord/Tenant book here. Very useful information. Most property management companies wouldn't feel comfortable posting this information. We believe that if Landlords and Tenants are informed of their obligations and responsibilities under the law more productive relationships will ensue.

Megan's Law, As horrible as the subject matter is if you have children it pays to be informed. 

Sex offender search. Part of the Megan's Law website that allows you to search your neighborhood for sex offenders.


If you're a prospective tenant searching for a rental and need help finding one Legends Property Management CAN HELP! The best part is that we offer this service for FREE! Finding a rental property in Southern California can be a daunting task in the current market, particularly because there are many scams, owners who aren't making their payments after signing leases and leaving tenants in a precarious position and lack of rental properties due to the high amount of short sales and bank owned property.

Legends Property Management services hundreds of properties in Orange County, Los Angeles County and Riverside County and are procuring new property management accounts each week. We can assist in placing you in a property that suits your needs. If you're not finding an appropriate property that we currently have listed you can check the following resources below and submit an application with us once you find a property or properties you prefer: Lease listing agents will try to have you apply directly through them but it can be beneficial to have us represent you as the tenant as the lease listing agent always represents the owner or landlord.,,,,,,,,,,

If you need assistance one of our agents will return your inquiry almost immediately once you've completed an application. Our electronic system will assign you to an agent specializing in the area you're searching in. Legends Property Management will then review your completed application, obtain credit, eviction, criminal, employment history and prepare a tenant presentation packet that will move you to the front of the list with real estate agencies, property management companies and owners as we know exactly what they're looking for.


You can rest assured that Legends Property Management will greatly increase your chances of finding available properties whether you're searching for a house to rent, a condo or townhouse for rent or an apartment for rent. To apply and begin your search today CLICK HERE!