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MANAGEMENT FEE Our full service property management pricing is a flat $100 per month for a single unit, $75.00 per month, per unit, for two to four units and $60.00 per month, per unit, for five to fifteen units.  Sixteen or more units are $50.00 per month, per unit or 4% of the monthly gross income plus the expense of an onsite manager, which is required under California law for Sixteen or more units. Unfortunately management in rent controlled areas costs more as there are more mandated requirements. WE WILL MEET OR BEAT ANY ADVERTISED MANAGEMENT FEE(S)! Our management fee includes the following services:

- Rent collection 

- Computerized online bookkeeping

- Monthly accounting and property reports

- Preparation of lease/rental agreements 

- Conduct annual walk through with tenant(s)

- Address and relay tenant concerns, repair and maintenance requests

- Schedule necessary maintenance between vendors and tenants

- Periodic "drive by" inspections upon request

- Minimization of vacancies

- Schedule move-out and move-in preparations and paperwork

- Service of appropriate notices

- Provide year-end income and expense reports

- Cooperate with Law Offices to expedite evictions


LEASING FEE. Our pricing for leasing is half or 50% of the first month's rent, however this fee is not paid until a well qualified tenant, that you've approved, signs a lease and moves into the property. This fee is similar to the fee paid to a listing agent to advertise the sale of a property and find a qualified buyer except that we're assisting in the search for a well qualified tenant to lease the property. Half a month's rent equates to approximately 4.2% of the yearly gross rent where most other property management companies charge 6%-8% of the gross yearly rent. 

Other property management companies claim to offer leasing services for as low as $300.00 flat rate but don't tell you that this only includes a yard sign and a Craigslist ad. It does not cover placing your listing in the MLS and exposing it to a broader market of 16,000+ Realtors who are hungry for business due to the current climate in the real estate market. Other property management companies may place your listing in the MLS and offer a minimal amount of compensation to other agents, as little as $100.00 in some cases, which is not in your best interest. At Legends Property Management we offer half of the 50% you pay us to other licensed REALTORS in order to find a tenant and fill your vacancy as quickly as possible. Any property management company not offering reasonable compensation to leasing agents is not going to fill your vacancy as quickly as we will. Don't be fooled by low leasing fees as leasing agents who aren't being compensated have no incentive to bring their well qualified prospective tenants to fill your vacancy fast. Would you rather pay a half month's rent to fill a vacancy or lose a half month's rent or more through lost rent while your investment property sits vacant? Legends Property Management's average amount of time to find you a well qualified tenant is one to two weeks. Compare that to most other property management companies whose average is a month or more! We will show you a copy of the MLS listing report that shows exactly what we're offering to other agents. Make sure whatever property management company you choose does the same! When you consider how quickly we fill vacancies you'll find that our leasing fee actually makes you money rather than costing you money!

Our property management leasing fee covers all the advertising we do to locate a tenant as well as compensating outside leasing agents. Our extensive list of advertising venues include: the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), OC, LA,,,,,, and many, many more. In addition, this fee will also cover the prospective tenant's credit check, background check, criminal record check, employment verification, salary verification and contact of previous property management companies and/or landlords that they might have rented from.

Keep in mind that there are absolutely no upfront/out-of-pocket fees to initiate your partnership with Legends Property Management. As a result, your financial risk is minimized. If you're looking for the best property management pricing for management or leasing in Orange County (O.C.), Los Angeles County (L.A. County) or Riverside County look no further. As with many things you get what you pay for with property management. Cheap property management leasing fees will equate to lost rental income through lengthy vacancy!