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It's never been a better time to invest in the residential real estate market! If you've dreamed of of becoming an investor the perfect storm of low housing prices and low interest rates have created a prime investment market. When investing you need a residential income property professional to assist in navigating the myriad of factors involved in the purchase. Contacting Legends Property Management to assist will put you on the right track! Whether you're interested in purchasing or selling residential, multi-unit, apartments or commercial investment property we can assist you. Specializing in Orange County, Los Angeles County and Riverside County.


Experience in the Right Field - You need a partner with experience and engaged in the investment property business for the long run. Do not choose a fly by night real estate company who's primary goal is to place you into the first property you find in order to earn a quick commission and run the other way. At Legends Property Management our goal is to retain you as a management client after the purchase so we're much more careful to recommend only the cream of the crop.


What type of property - An important step is to determine what type of property best fits your strategy. Whether it's residential, multi-unit, apartments or commercial we can assist you. We specialize in the Los Angeles, Orange County and Riverside areas. Many first time investors start with a single family home or other residential housing. More advanced investors purchase multi-unit, apartments and/or commercial real estate or pursue land development. Regardless of your experience and whether you'd like to become a landlord or restore and resell (flip) properties Legends Property Management will be a valuable ally.


Location, Location, Location - Everyone has heard this real estate adage before. It's no different in the investment arena. Location is key with rentals. Ideally you want high rent or highly populated areas to guarantee a large pool of potential renters. There are many other factors to keep in mind. Multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, crime rates, good school districts, amenities, recreation, public transportation, shopping malls, proximity to freeways, etc.


Capital/Assets - One of the biggest mistakes income producing property investors make is neglecting backup assets and capital to cover the cost of vacancies, lean times and unforeseen repairs and maintenance issues that arise. A good starting point is ten percent of the gross incomes. Some recommend having six months worth of mortgage payments in the bank. Residential real estate investors are normally the personality type that wants every penny working for them at all times but neglecting reserves for this part of the residential real estate investment equation should not be forgotten.


Partnering with a Winning Team - With the Legends Property Management team on your side you won't have to worry about finding vendors when repair and maintenance issues arise. We've got the relationships to provide expert service at reasonable prices. Whether it's a general contractor to handle maintenance and repair issues. A Certified Public Accountant that specializes in property management accounting to save residential investors money at tax time. A Landlord Tenant attorney to handle your legal questions to stave off an eviction before it even happens or handle the eviction of a bad apple tenant if the need arises. Legends Property Management has all of the contacts you'll need to run a smooth operation, keep your income high and expenses low.


Doing business with a firm that recognizes the important differences between owning your primary residence and owning an investment property can make or break your investment venture. We leave emotion at the door and focus on the bottom line to insure your investment bears fruit year after year.