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Free Comparative Rental Analysis


Determining the target market rent of your investment rental property is crucial in the current rental market to fill vacancies quickly and efficiently. Vacancy is the investment property owners arch enemy and primary source of lost income. Price your investment rental too high and you'll scare away qualified tenants and lose income through high vacancy rates. Price your investment rental too low and while many tenants apply and the vacancy will be filled quickly the investment property owner will lose income through the difference in the low rent and the true market rent value. 

We will conduct a free basic comparative rental analysis for you prior to signing a management agreement to give you an idea of the level of rent you can expect to receive for your rental property. Upon signing a management agreement we will conduct a more thorough analysis via our proprietary comparative rental analysis system to determine the ideal price for your rental property whether it's in Orange County, Los Angeles County or Riverside County. The sooner you contact us the better. Clients are sometimes tempted to wait until their rental property is "perfect" based on upgrades, maintenance or waiting on a current tenant to vacate the property. This is a mistake as the more lead-time before your property will actually be vacant the better. We can begin to advertise almost immediately with the caveat to prospective renters and their agents that the property will be available by a specified date or after specific repairs or maintenance has been completed.


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